Proctalgia in Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Syndrome: A Pathology to Know

Background: Pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome is a little known and under-diagnosed condition that includes urinary, sexual and proctological signs and symptoms. Its diagnosis is complex and requires sequential treatment. Proctalgia is a common symptom in the General Surgery field, and it can be attributed to pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome in a significant percentage of patients. Objective: The aim of our study is to determine the association between proctalgia and pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome, to check the immediate response to treatment by infiltration with a corticosteroidanesthetic injection, and to assess the results after 6 months follow-up. Design: An observational study was conducted to assess 53 patients affected by proctalgia in the context of a pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome, who were subjected to treatment with hydrodistentioncorticosteroid- anesthetic infiltration of the pudendal nerve and its terminal branches. Their immediate response, in clinical terms of pain, and after six months of follow-up was assessed. Results: From the data obtained in our study, is was observed that treatment with these injections showed an improvement in 79.25% of the patients in the period immediately after the injection, and 39.62% of patients maintained that improvement after six months. Conclusion: We conclude that, in the presence of proctalgia, the existence of a pudenda nerve entrapment syndrome has to be ruled out, and that treatment with corticosteroidanesthetic infiltration is an effective option that achieves an improvement in a significant percentage of patients.


José Felipe Reoyo Pascual, Rosa M Martínez Castro, Raquel León Miranda, Carlos Cartón Hernández and Xandra Valero Cerrato

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