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Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 7, Issue 11 Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 7, Issue 12 Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ Preparation and Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Swellable Gastroretentive Tablets pAnshika Singhp https:/ Marketing Cost in Medical Schemes in the Country South Africa pMichael Mncedisip https:/ Studied about Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer pCamila MunifaTellesp https:/ The Prevention of Hepatotoxicity Induced pChan Isemanp Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ A Note on Radiotherapy Chemotherapy pGrothey Hurryp https:/ Issues on Critical Epistemological pTooba Fidap https:/ A Review on Electrochemical and MassSensitive Transduction pSalvatore Lanongap https:/ Clinical Assessment of a Lumbar Plate Design pEyles Dewisp https:/ Proof of Intense Ailment Medical Caretaker pStiffen Mallyp Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ The Important Role of Bowel Habit in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS Evidence from Persian Medicine to Modern Medicine pMalihe Tabarraip https:/ A Systematic Review on Chronic Kidney Disease pJennifer A Hirstp https:/ Tobacco Use among Smokers Prior to Hospitalization for a Cardiac Attack pRajendra Saxenap https:/ A Note for Covid19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy pMona Abassp https:/ A Review on DNA Fingerprinting Paternity pAlan Dubrop Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 8 https:/ Organ Dysfunction Associated with Influenza Infection and Its Complications Chang Hsien Yu https:/ Telemedical Care and Associated Limiting Factors for its Expansion over Time Kwang Hyun Kim https:/ Clinical Clerkship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bin GU https:/ Medical Application of Microfluidic Devices in Orthopedics Kevin B https:/ Pain Management in the Setting of Acute and Subacute Orthopedic Trauma Johannes Roux Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 9 https:/ Limited Empirical Literature That Assesses the Effect of Resilience on Food and Nutrition Insecurity Dereje Haile https:/ The Literature Specific to Gynecologic Oncology Populations Regarding ACP Knowledge and Uptake Geetu P https:/ Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Medical Field to Potentially Improve Diagnosis and Predict Clinical Outcomes Robert P Dellavalle https:/ Process and outcome of a national UK pediatric rheumatic disease research consultation and consensus prioritization Clare E Pain https:/ A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis of Depression Prevalence amongst Nigerian Students Pursuing Higher Education Sunny Cui1, Babatunde Ajayi2, Remare Egonu2, Esther Kim3 https:/ Applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Plastic Surgery Cagla Cicek 1 and Tuna Gumus 2 Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 10 https:/ investigate renal function during denosumab therapy using the estimated glomerular filtration rate based on cysteine Reina Matsu https:/ Radiologic Assessment with Cytopathologic Correlation Megbar Molla https:/ Update of Clinical Prospects and Management of Osteoarthritis Hamida Akbar https:/ Important role of C Diphtheriae in causing bacteremia and pneumonia Lian Wang https:/ Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Mexican Patients with Chronic Pain Mario Angel RosasSanchez1, Argelia LaraSolares2, Gloria Llamosa3, Maria Del Rocio Guillen Nunez4, Ana Lilia Garduno, Andrea del Bosque6, Paola Elorza7 Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 11 https:/ Brain Sites that Relate to Alleviation of Depression after Spinal Decompression Surgery Minoru Arakaki https:/ Underlying Biology of ASCs and their Proliferation and Differentiation Capacities Shigeo Ishikawa https:/ Determine the Prevalence and Factors Associated with Preoperative Anemia among Adult Patients Scheduled for Major Elective Surgery Saeed Pourhassan https:/ Magnitude of Emergence Delirium and its Predictors among Elderly Patients after Anesthesia Nigussie Simeneh https:/ Varying Evidence Exists Surrounding Skip Metastasis in Clinically NodeNegative Oral Cancer N Selvamurugan Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 8, Issue 12 https:/ Dermatological Manifestations Related to EWE Such as Floods Wildfires and Extreme Heat Eva Gilbert https:/ Emerging New Strategies to Prevent Alloimmunization in Population Mayers Gabriel https:/ Effect of Blast Disease on YieldContributing Characters and Seed Quality Traits of Aromatic Rice in Bangladesh Ashik Khan https:/ Availability and Ease of Access to Facilities and Resources to Diagnose and Manage Glomerular Disease in LowResource Settings Ahasan Kabir https:/ Comprehensive Evaluation Method for the Severity of Childrens Foot Ankle Deformity Mao Quan Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ Evaluation of the Use of Carboxytherapy in the Treatment of Dermatologic Conditions Nalini kompella https:/ Assess the Association between AKI and the Incidence of Remission and Relapse of Proteinuria Hideki Okuno https:/ Investigate Association between Environmental Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals such as Phthalates and Environmental Phenols Sori Choi https:/ Impact of COVID19 on Admissions Patterns in Cardiology Department Arsalan Sethi https:/ Review of the Role of Platelets in the Process of Malignant Tumor Metastasis Shang Dong Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 9, Issue 2 https:/ Advances in Gastroenterology Unveiling the Complexities of the Digestive System Edilaine Lombardo https:/ Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Brain Lara Ruth https:/ Illuminating the Path to Hope Advancements in Oncology Transforming Cancer Care Paolo Patrizi https:/ Unraveling the Mysteries of the Brain Exploring Breakthroughs in Neurology Jennifer Strah https:/ Advancements in Cardiology Pioneering Techniques Redefining Heart Health Syeda Humna https:/ Methods and Applications of Machine Learning ML in Precision Psychiatry Thiago Cavalcante Roza https:/ Examination to Recognize Different End Upsides of Salivary Pepsin and Subsequently Assessing the Demonstrative Precision of Salivary Pepsin Vinay Behra https:/ New Avenues for Identifying SystemsRelated Challenges in Providing Quality Pediatric Urological Care James Kenney https:/ Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis to Separate the Heat Pattern from the Cold Pattern in a CrossSectional Observational Cohort of RA Patients Liwei Li https:/ Movement Disorder with the Classic Parkinsonian Motor Signs of Bradykinesia Carol Walsh Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 9, Issue 3 https:/ Advances in Nephrology An Overview of Current Research and Future Directions Maria Bilbao https:/ Advances in Dermatology Exploring Innovative Approaches and Treatments Diego Rangel https:/ Oral Health The Gateway to Overall Wellbeing Raina Benedict https:/ Evolving Landscape of Pulmonary Medicine Revolutionizing Respiratory Care Dina Homosy Fadul https:/ Advancements in Cardiology Transforming Lives through Innovative Approaches Louise Pinto https:/ Advancements in Ophthalmology Innovations and Breakthroughs for Vision Care Federico Kreigi https:/ Metastasis Unraveling the Mechanisms and Targeting Therapeutic Strategies Feng Li https:/ Advances in Anesthesia Enhancing Safety and Efficacy in Surgical Procedures Muyiwa Yakubu https:/ Recent Advances in Andrology Exploring the Frontiers of Male Reproductive Health Anuradha Patankar https:/ Advances in Nephrology Exploring Novel Approaches for Kidney Disease Management Soniya Jojo