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Methods of Virtual Rehabilitation for Health Care Workers- A Review

Introduction: Virtual rehabilitation is the technique for rehabilitation in various virtual ways that are helpful, low-cost benefits, interactive atmosphere, concentrated learning and online feedback database for easy assessment and management.

Methodology: The methodology was accepted inclusion of 150 studies from various journal sites and with the need of the study to relate and analyze the virtual technology in the health care sectors and acceptance to its pros and cons in the health care sectors.

Results: There are various techniques that belong to virtual technology that are immersive, semi-immersive, and non-immersive with distinct features of different levels to no immersion depending on requirement. There are various requirements in the virtual technology that need to work for virtual rehabilitation such as sensors, touch screen, interactive technologies, sounds and more. The virtual technology not only works with rehabilitation but plays a wide role in other health-care services such as medicine, surgery, emergency, diagnostics, medical learning, counseling. There are various current scenario applications working in virtual world for health care according to the field.

Conclusion: The conclusion resulted with the virtual rehabilitation is required as successor to rehabilitation to the new world with more positive outcomes.

Meena Gupta and Ruchika Kalra*

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